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COSMIC Light vs COSMIC Classic Manual: Case Studies in Functional Size Measurement

Functional size has been used in software engineering for more than 40 years. When measured early in the software development life cycle, it can serve as direct input for effort estimation. The COSMIC Functional Size Measurement (FSM) method developed by the Common Software Measurement Consortium (COSMIC) is the latest ISO-compliant functional sizing method.

Improving the Structural Size Measurement Method Through the Nested (Multi-Level) Control Structures Assessment in UML Sequence Diagram

The COSMIC ISO 19761 method is becoming increasingly used in software industry as a contributor to estimation improvements and for comparability across projects. The COSMIC method is based on the identification of data movements, but it does not consider the data manipulations. To take into account data manipulations associated with data movements at a detailed...

Towards Universal COSMIC Size Measurement Automation

Today there are a large number of computer programming languages, e.g., Java, C, C++, Python, to name a few. The COSMIC functional size measurement method can capture the functionality of software written in any language.


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