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Selecting Suitable Software Effort Estimation Method

octubre 30 @ 10:05 am - 10:35 am

Effort estimation is one of the important factors affecting the success of software projects. In order to support this, many effort estimation methods have been developed from past to present. The reliability of the effort estimation of a project depends on the choice of the most appropriate method for the project characteristics and the estimation context. Even if a good performing method is used, the estimation results may remain to be inaccurate if an appropriate estimation method is not selected as appropriate to the project context. In this study, we proposed an approach for selecting the most suitable estimation method for a software project by considering the project characteristics and the stakeholder needs. An expert-opinion survey was prepared based on the key features of the commonly used estimation methods that have been frequently referred to in literature. The expert-opinion survey was answered by experts who carried out scientific studies in the field of software effort estimation, and a decision matrix was created in the light of their opinions. Then, a questionnaire was built for eliciting information about project characteristics from an estimator who wants to carry out effort estimation for his/her project. With the decision matrix, the estimator can select the most suitable method for his/her estimation by answering the questionnaire. A sample study was conducted and the questionnaire was answered using the ISBSG data set. At the end, the appropriateness of the proposed approach was discussed.

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Ayça Kolukısa Tarhan

Ayça Kolukısa Tarhan is an Assoc. Prof. in Software Engineering and working as a researcher and practitioner in this area for twenty years. She has led or been involved in projects originating from industry-academia collaborations on software quality evaluation, software measurement, business process modeling, and system/software requirements elicitation. She had PhD in Information Systems from Informatics Institute of Middle East Technical University. She was an Adjunct Faculty for Software Management Program of the same institute between 2002-2006, and was a visiting researcher between 2013-2015 in Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research interests include internal and external software quality, software development methodologies, software measurement, process maturity, and process mining. She is a faculty with Computer Engineering Department of Hacettepe University in Ankara. You may contact her by

Rana Özakıncı


octubre 30
10:05 am - 10:35 am
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