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Portfolio Cost Estimation and Performance measurement in the context of a SAFe Scaled Agile Framework

octubre 30 @ 10:35 am - 11:05 am

More and more organizations are transforming, or have transformed into an agile way of working. Once the number of teams grow, often a scaled framework is implemented in order to manage the value creation in an organized way. In the agile way of working, senior management often feel less in control than they used to when it comes to the progress of the different projects. They often struggle with questions like:
– Which part of the backlog will be ready on which moment in time?
– What should be the budget and team size per team to reach the objectives?
– How much of the budget is spent in maintenance & support instead of development?
– How much business value do we create for the business and how can I demonstrate this to stakeholders?
– Which are my best teams, and which teams can improve their performance?
– Etc.
One of the reasons many organizations struggle with these type of questions is because with the Agile way of working, often also the Story Point method was introduced, which is a subjective, relative effort estimation technique, usually based on an ordinal scale such as the Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8, etc. There is nothing wrong with using story points, if they are used for the right thing: to understand how much work certain backlog items require and which ones can be delivered in the next sprint(s). However, metrics based on story points are useless outside the teams. Contrary to subjective effort metrics, only standardized size metrics can be used for a highly mature cost estimation and performance
In this presentation, I will explain the way using formal size measurement improves the maturity of the portfolio Cost Estimation and Performance Measurement process in a SAFe framework context, resulting in management being able to answers the questions posed above.

Harold van Heeringen


octubre 30
10:35 am - 11:05 am
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Harold van Heeringen


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