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COSMIC Functional Size Automation of Java Web Applications Using the Spring MVC Framework

octubre 30 @ 11:40 am - 12:10 pm

Functional size measurement provides a solid basis for estimating costs and maintaining good governance during software project lifecycle. As measur-ing manually is more labor intensive, costly and error prone, automating the measurement process has become a priority for researchers and practitioners throughout the world. In order to measure functional size based on the COSMIC method, this work targets to automate the functional size meas-urement from software source code, and more particularly from Web Java applications using the Spring Web MVC framework. This paper reports on activities carried out in order to meet the following four objectives: 1) Re-duce measurement effort with an accuracy of more than 90% compared to experienced practitioner’s measurement; 2) Obtain functional size any time during the software lifecycle; 3) Offer a reusable and modular solution; and 4) Publish the solution as open source software. To do this, we followed a five-phases methodology: 1-Start-up; 2-Prototyping; 3-Realization; 4-Evaluation; and 5-Publication. This methodology made it possible to create the CFP4J Library and publish it as open source software on the GitLab source code repository. In the current state of the CFP4J Library, the four objectives have been achieved. The main contribution of this paper lays on the mapping rules definition through the prototyping and realization phas-es, plus an available software library anyone can use to automate COSMIC size of Web Java applications using the Spring MVC framework, with the possibility to expand to other technologies.

Abdelaziz Sahab

Sylvie Trudel


octubre 30
11:40 am - 12:10 pm
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