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Challenges and Working Solutions in Agile Adaptation: Experiences from the Industry

octubre 30 @ 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Challenges in agile adaptation is inevitable in software development pro-jects and have to be dealt with by software practitioners. The pathway to excellence in agility requires experience of challenges, failure of process scenarios; and the discovery of working solutions by software develop-ment teams. The major purpose of this study is to highlight both the chal-lenges organizations faced when implementing agile techniques and the so-lutions adopted that proved successful. In order to specify these challenges and working solutions, we performed a multiple case study by using the Software Agility Assessment Reference Model (AgilityMod). In this paper, we describe two cases that achieve the highest levels of agility among eight cases and describe their experiences in achieving a good adaptation through the challenges that they faced and the solutions that were found for these challenges. Additionally, we provide two challenges that have not been re-solved yet and are subject to further discussions.

Özden Özcan Top

Özden Özcan-Top is an assistant professor in Information Systems at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Regulated Software Research Centre, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. She has participated in several industry-academy projects either as a researcher or a consultant. Her main research areas include medical device software development, adoption of agile software development methods in highly regulated domains, software project management and software process improvement.

Onur Demirors

Onur Demirors is a Professor of Computer Engineering at the Izmir Institute of Technology ( and the strategy director of Bilgi Grubu Ltd. ( His current research focuses on decentralized modelling and organizational change, software measurement, and management. He has leaded major research and application projects on organizational change, on modelling approaches and on measurement infrastructures for software organizations. He has leaded application projects for dozens of companies to improve their processes, to establish their measurement infrastructures, to create organizational knowledge structures and to identify their software needs. He continues to teach on decentralized modelling, event based systems, software project and quality management, software measurement and innovative software development approaches.   

Fergal Mc Caffery


octubre 30
9:30 am - 10:00 am
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